There’s never been a better time to enjoy the savings of going solar in your home, business, or commercial facility. Recent advances in photovoltaic technology and public incentives to promote solar panel installations have made solar electricity a smart choice for more commercial and residential use.

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To protect you and to insure a proper and safe installation, we take out permits on all installations. By taking out permits you can be assured that the installation is installed to the safety requirements of the National Electric Code which is then verified by a third party.

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Sentry Electric is dedicated to helping our customers meet their exact needs with the highest quality products on all solar installations. Our systems are professionally installed and our work is 100% guaranteed. Our panels carry a 25 year Manufacturer’s warranty. Sentry Electric is a locally owned family business. We have been in business for over 40 years and have been wiring solar equipment since 2014. We pride ourselves in our customer service which has proven to be second to none. Our team is fully licensed and our designs are completed to provide you with the best solar power design and efficiencies as possible. If you are looking for a reasonably priced solar power company, give us a call today. Our team works hard to ensure your satisfaction.


Using a copy of one of your electrical bills we can take the historical data and calculate your system size based on your past solar usage.

Roughly $3 to $3.50 per kWh before any tax credits.

Roughly $12k-$20k above your solar only cost.

If you have gas heat, an 8-10kW system is a good guess.

If you have electric heat, a 12-15kW system is probably going to do it. It depends on the home size.

Nebraska has some of the cheapest energy rates in the country. That makes the payout lower than other areas, but it is still cost effective. The first goal in solar is to produce at least as much energy as you use during the year. If your utility offers net metering, this means that the retail rate you would have been charged for energy is cancelled out by the energy your system produced. If you produce more energy than you consumed, the utility will pay for this energy, but normally at a lower rate (it depends on the utility company). Typically, in Nebraska, it is not worth producing excess energy since the payout will be lower than the equipment costs.

Most solar systems are warrantied for 25 years.

Generac batteries are warrantied for 10 years.

Most solar module manufacturers guarantee 80% of rated output at year 30.

Typical solar only systems will pay themselves off in 10-15 years. 

Battery backup solar systems can vary greatly. Some could pay themselves off in 20 years and some may never pay them off but will provide backup like a generator.

It depends on what you want to do. In an emergency, the solar may only power your home for 8-12 hours. You will also have a much more limited power output compared to a generator. The good thing about them is as long as there is sun, they will recharge.

Generators provide more power and will run as long as you have fuel to them. If you are worried about losing power for multiple days during a winter storm, generators are the best option.

Generators will typically be the cheaper option as well.

LES offers a rebate of $375 per KW for south facing solar arrays and $475 per KW for west facing arrays.

The federal government offers a 30% tax credit on all costs incurred during the installation of solar systems.

Through our lending partner and the Nebraska Department of Environment & Energy we can offer access to low interest home equity loans (3-5% interest) to assist you in installing solar.

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