Whole House Automatic Generators

Don't Get Caught in the Dark During a Power Outage.

When the lights or electricity go out in your home, the last thing you want to do is wait patiently. Each moment your electricity is out, the less secure you and your house becomes. Keep space power failures from being an issue by buying one of our whole house automatic generators that you can depend on.

These generators run a weekly self-test to ensure reliability when you need it, and their operation in the event of a power outage will require no effort. Whenever the power goes out, you’ll still be in luck when you choose Sentry Electric for a new backup home generator. We have different models to consider, and we offer complete support options.

Sentry Electric sells and services Cummins, Kohler, and Generac air-cooled generators.

That low priced lumberyard generator does not include most everything that you need for a complete installation and is likely set up for the most common installation, not the custom install that we will provide.

Financing for Your Generator Needs

We offer several flexible financing options. You can prepare for the next power outage and keep your credit lines free.

Our program offers flexible financing options with the ability to buy your generators now and pay over time. It’s quick, safe, and simple to apply for financing, and you will receive a response within minutes. Consider the advantages for yourself:

  • No money down
  • Covers generator and installation
  • Flexible credit promotions to fit a variety of cardholder needs
  • Simple application process with fast credit decisions in minutes

Why wait? Start your project today! Apply here or contact Sentry Electric for more details on how to get started. Offers are subject to credit approval. Minimum payments are required.

How Does a Home Generator Work?

A permanent standby generator is a machine that provides your home with the power you need to operate your electrical system when its normal supply of power has been interrupted. A standby generator constantly monitors your electrical system and turns on automatically in the event of a power outage.Generally, within 20 seconds of a utility outage, the standby generator kicks on and supplies electricity to essential circuits or even your entire main panel of your home or business. The standby generator is usually powered by natural gas or liquid propane, and it will shut off automatically once the utility power returns

    Generator Generators

    This Video explains the steps we take to provide a Turn Key installation.



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    Generac Generator


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