EV Charging

Be sure your home charging station is powered and ready to go before you bring your car home.

Residential EV charging stations come in many shapes, sizes and capabilities. In general, charging stations are organized by their power output (watts, volts, etc) which directly affects the time it takes to fully charge your vehicle. Charging times vary according to the size of your cars battery. 

Level 1 Charging Station

Level one is achieved through a standard 120 volt receptacle. At this level, you can expect between four and five miles of driving per hour of charging. More power means faster charging so consider your average daily mileage. Charging this way yields 4-5 miles of range per hour of charging, or about 22 hours for a full charge. If you have a long commute or cover many miles from day-to-day, you might find that level 1 charging takes too long and is impractical for your driving needs. If that’s the case, you should choose a level 2 charging station.

Level 2 Charging Station

Level two charging is achieved through a 240 volt receptacle and requires the installation of additional charging equipment. Your EV dealer can help you choose the equipment that is best for your vehicle and for your driving needs. Using level 2 charging delivers between 25 and 30 miles of driving per hour of charging. Level 2 charging stations vary in their output from 3.3 kW (40 miles of range for 3 hour charge) to 16.8 kW (40 mile range with 40 minutes of charge). The optimal home charger usually fits somewhere in between, depending on your average commute and whether you have access to a charging station at work.

DC Fast Charging - High Speed EV Charging

Public EV charging stations require fast charging, in order to facilitate short but worthwhile charging stops. You will notice an expanding number of electric vehicle charging stations sprouting up at your most common destinations around your town and throughout the US. New EV chargers are being installed at supermarkets, coffee shops, malls, airports, along major highway rest areas and at your workplace.

Charging Times:

Level 1 - 120 volt 1.4.k.w.

~4.5 miles of range per hour of charge time.

Level 2 - 240 volt 3.8 k.w.

~ 12 miles of range per hour of charge.

Level 3 - DC Fast Charger

~ 40 miles for each 10 minutes of charge.
EV Charging Plug
Photo by Kindel Media: https://www.pexels.com/photo/charging-of-a-vehicle-in-a-chraging-station-9799992/

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